《Taiwanese Drama OST》Love You

Release Date: 2011-07-22
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 The thematic follow-up to the record-breaking Taiwan idol drama Destiny Love, TTV and SETTV's latest production Love You premieres in April 2011 with high viewership ratings and is on course to be another audiences' favorite. Starrng Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang, the romantic comedy series follows two broken-hearted souls who unwittingly become married to each other after getting really, really drunk. 

 The Love You Original Soundtrack album puts together the songs featured in the drama, including pop group Magic Power's opening theme "Not Playing by the Rules" and singer-songwriter Yen-j's hit ending theme "Good Things". Besides, one can find new songs from Rainie Yang ("We Are All Silly"), Della Ding ("Dear Stranger"), Mayday ("I Have My First Love Again"), as well as 8 tracks of music score.

Track List

01. 不按牌理出牌 (片頭曲 / 演唱:MP魔幻力量)
02. 我又初戀了 (插曲 / 演唱:五月天)
03. 又不是這樣就不孤獨 ( 插曲 / 演唱:嚴爵)
04. 相遇不思議 (配樂)
05. 喝醉和相愛一樣危險 (配樂)
06. 這次真的玩太大了 (配樂)
07. 好的事情 (片尾曲 / 演唱:嚴爵)
08. 放了自己 (插曲 / 演唱: MP魔幻力量)
09. 名模的祕密愛情 (配樂)
10. 孤單是一個人的狂歡 (配樂)
11. 戀愛三角習題 (配樂)
12. 我們都傻 (插曲 / 演唱:楊丞琳)
13. 婚姻是假,愛情是真 (配樂)
14. 拉斯維加斯的婚禮 (配樂)
15. 親愛陌生人 (插曲 / 演唱:丁噹)

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