[2011-07-20] Twins - Album "3650"

Release Date: 2011-07-20
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 Charlene and Gillian are inviting you to join in the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Twins! The first to come is the duo's latest Mandarin album 3650, which conveys their gratitude to the fans for sticking with them through all the laughs and tears over the last ten years. It comprises new songs that commemorate their sisterly bond and the time they grew up together, including the summer pop anthem 3650, hits medley "Ten Years of Friendship", heartfelt ballad "Between Us", and a song co-written by Twins!

Track List CD 
01. 3650
02. 我們之間
03. Talk To Me
04. 留言牆
05. 同時重生
06. 你會幸福的
07. 他不適合你
08. 夏宇的愛情
09. Rainbow
10. 友愛十年 (Medley)

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