[Album][CBR/320kbps] Sun Nan - The First Leading Man 2011

Release Date: 2011-06-30
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 Sun Nan rose to fame in 1999 singing the theme song for Feng Xiaogang's film Be There or Be Square, and that marked the beginning of his ongoing love affair with theme songs. The popular Mainland singer released an album of his movie and television theme songs in 2003, and eight years later he has got enough material to bring fans a second compilation. Featuring songs from top producers and songwriters in China, the new album puts together 17 tracks of theme songs made famous by Sun in the last decade, including "The Search" for the historical blockbuster The Founding of a Republic and two songs for the 16th Asian Games. Sun's powerful and expressive voice makes him the go-to guy for TV drama songs, and here listeners can find his recent drama hits like those for Tie Li Hua, Jin Hun Feng Yu Qing, and the new Na Shi Mo Zheng Jiu Ni Wo De Ai Ren.

Track List
01. 傳奇 電視劇《拿什麼拯救你,我的愛人》
02. 夜在搖 電影《戒煙不戒酒》
03. 花影 電視劇《鐵梨花》
04. 風雨有情 電視劇《金婚風雨情》
05. 守望 電視劇《中國遠征軍》
06. 哪裡還有路 電影《盜--版貓》
07. 你是誰 電視劇《憤怒的天使》
08. 做人辛苦 電視劇《少年天子》
09. 永樂英雄 電視劇《永樂英雄》
10. 心裡話 電影《盜--版貓》
11. 重生(花綻放)電視劇《古城往事》
12. 你太可貴 電視劇《少年天子》
13. 英雄歌 電視劇《抗日奇俠》
14. 唯一 電視劇《新永不暝目》
15. 追尋 電影《建國大業》
16. 藍天 《第16屆廣州亞運會》歌曲
17. 重逢 《第16屆廣州亞運會會歌》

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