《Taiwanese Drama OST》PS Man (2010)

Release Date: Aug 10, 2010

Taiwan idol drama PS Man boasts an attractive cast headed by Blue Lan, James Wen, Sonia Sui, Bianca Bai, and child star Xiao Xiao Bin. Began airing in March 2010, the popular TTV/SETTV romantic comedy series centers on a 4-way romance that involves Blue Lan's womanizing talk show personality, his childhood friend (Sonia Sui), the supermodel he is chasing (Bianca Bai), and his wealthy romantic rival (James Wen). 

The drama's original soundtrack album is similarly star-studded. Besides Rene Liu's hit ending theme "We're Not Together", there is Magic Power's opening theme "Who am I, Who am I, Who am I", and insert songs "I Like (No, I Love)" and "Trapped in Taipei" from emerging singer-songwriter Yen-j, among others.

Track List
01. 我是誰 我是誰 我是誰 (片頭曲/ Magic Power魔幻力量) 
02. 我喜歡(不,我愛) (插曲/ 嚴爵) 
03. 隱藏真心 (OT:困在台北) 
04. 偷心大聖PS男 (OT:我們沒有在一起) 
05. 困在台北 (插曲/ 嚴爵) 
06. 去他的愛情 (OT:Summer) 
07. 我們沒有在一起 (片尾曲/ 劉若英) 
08. 不能在一起 (OT:我是誰 我是誰 我是誰) 
09. 我是誰 我是誰 我是誰 (Magic Power-廷廷/ acappella版) 
10. 時尚情敵 (OT:困在台北) 
11. 女人不愛,男人使壞 
12. 我喜歡(不,我愛) (嚴爵SOLO之夏和杰告白版) 
13. 超級名模的秘密 (OT:我不想念) 
14. SUMMER (插曲/ Magic Power魔幻力量) 
15. 兩小無猜 (OT:Summer) 
16. 小王子與鋼牙妹 (OT:我們沒有在一起) 
17. 我是誰 我是誰 我是誰 (Magic Power-廷廷/ 潮男舞曲版)


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