《Chinese Movie OST》High school musical (2010)

Release Date: 2010-08-17
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林俊杰Feat.张靓颖 – 《我飞故我在》~ 128kbps

Disney's High School Musical franchise started as a TV movie premiered on the Disney Channel in 2006. The surprise hit went on to win a handful of awards and spawned two sequels, the last of which moved into cineplexes in 2008, readily embraced by legions of fans around the world. Now Disney has co-produced a spin-off movie in China due out theatrically in summer 2010. Based on the phenomenal American movies, High School Musical: China features six young idols as high school teenagers chasing their dreams in the inter-school singing competition. Audience can expect lots of dazzling song-and-dance sequences like in the originals, but with unique Chinese elements in the story, the music, and the dance choreography.

The Original Soundtrack album for High School Musical: China contains 10 movie songs performed by the main cast (Ma Zihan, Zhang Junning, Gu Xuan, Yuan Chengjie, Lin Qi, and Liu Yanchen), and the theme song "I Fly Therefore I Am" sung by Jane Zhang and JJ Lin.

01. 有一天 演唱:馬梓涵、張峻寧、顧璇、袁成傑、林琪、劉晏辰
02. 沒問題 演唱:馬梓涵、張峻寧、顧璇、袁成傑、林琪、劉晏辰
03. 今非昔比 演唱:科比、科比父母
04. 未來之歌 演唱:馬梓涵、張峻寧、顧璇、袁成傑、林琪、劉晏辰
05. 世界是個大舞台 演唱:馬梓涵、張峻寧、顧璇、袁成傑、林琪、劉晏辰
06. 你的幻想,我的現實 演唱:洋洋
07. 梅雨季 演唱:寧寧、詩人
08. 完美 演唱:洋洋
09. 我飛故我在 演唱:寧寧、詩人
10. 我們歡聚一堂 演唱:馬梓涵、張峻寧、顧璇、袁成傑、林琪、劉晏辰
11. 我飛故我在(電影主題曲)演唱:張靚穎、林俊傑