《Hongkong Movie OST》The Jade and The Pearl (2010)

Release Date:2010-08-04

The Jade and the Pearl is the latest film produced by the revived Shaw Brothers studio in conjunction with Hong Kong entertainment giants TVB and EEG. Starring popular singers Raymond Lam, Charlene Choi, and Joey Yung, the costume comedy is centered on the romance between a princess being married off to a foreign nation and the general who escorts her. 
The Original Soundtrack album contains five songs from the film in addition to 10 tracks of original score. Both the Cantonese and the Mandarin versions of Raymond and Charlene's duet "Always Present" are included on the album, as is Joey's "Believe Loved This Life". The other theme song from the film is Chapman To's "The Princess Takes Lessons".

Track list
01. 一直都在 (國) [主唱:林峯/蔡卓妍] 
02. 一直都在 (粵) [主唱:林峯/蔡卓妍] 
03. 信今生愛過 (國) [主唱:容祖兒] 
04. 信今生愛過 (粵) [主唱:容祖兒] 
05. 公主上課 [主唱 :杜汶澤] 
06. 公主駕到 (配樂) 
07. 將軍出巡 (配樂) 
08. 燈會初遇 (配樂) 
09. 公主出嫁 (配樂) 
10. 三娘初現 (配樂) 
11. 尋死 (配樂) 
12. 把酒 (配樂) 
13. 相見不相識 (配樂) 
14. 別 (配樂) 
15. 找回真我 (配樂)

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