《Taiwanese Movie OST》Love You 10000 Years (2010)


F4 heartthrob Vic Chou stars in the highly anticipated film Love You 10000 Years from Taiwan-based Japanese actor Kitamura Toyoharu, who makes his directorial debut for the first time with the romantic comedy coming out in August 2010. In the film which some believe could become the next Cape No. 7, Vic plays a Taiwanese rock singer who has a 90-day romance with a girl from Japan played by Kato Youki. The Original Soundtrack album features 8 instrumental tracks in addition to 4 theme songs, including Vic's titular number "Love You 10000 Years" (cover of the Wu Bai song originally by Sawada Kenji) and "I Fell Asleep When I was Thinking of You" (cover of a Taiwanese rock song by Mojo).

Track list:

01. 愛你一萬年 (周渝民) 
02. 我在想你的時候睡著了 (周渝民) 
03. 嘿咻舞音頭 (大西征也 YUKIYA) 
04. 愛你不知痛 (吳小宣) 
05. 歐噴你一萬年 
06. Running Away 愛情逃生 
07. Daughter's Fighting 父親的決心 
08. Papago 趴趴走跳 
09. Bus Driver Blues 藍調巴士 
10. Kissing and Leaving 吻。再見 
11. 心弦眠眠 
12. 情愛一萬年

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