[CBR/320kbps][2010.07.09] Gigi Leung - 2010 New Album

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Absent from the Canto-pop scene for almost three years, Gigi Leung returns in an eye-popping wild kitty image for her latest Cantonese album. The new work features a feline theme, as the talented Hong Kong star believes that cats are often mistaken to be cool and lofty, when they too have a passionate side and are actually afraid of being lonely. Hoping to break people's misunderstanding of her through the music, Gigi herself takes on the production duty for the album, which lines up an impressive songwriting crew that includes Hanjin Tan, G.E.M., and Adrian Chow. The main cuts on the 12-track album are the bossa nova-ish tune How I Wish, the Lin Xi-penned ballad "Summer Flower Autumn Leaf", and their Mandarin versions. The two plugs' music videos are offered on the Bonus DVD, which also comes with a 30-minute album making-of feature.

Track List

01. How I Wish 
02. 厚愛 
03. 岸處風光 
04. 記得不記得 
05. 夏花秋葉 
06. 女兒雄 
07. 鄰家躲貓貓 
08. 和平散去 
09. 一刻擁友 
10. 畫出彩虹 
11. 夏一秒 (How I Wish國語版) 
12. 時間海 (夏花秋葉國語版)

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