[CBR/320kbps][2010.07.15] Cai Huang Ru - Lucky Goddess

Mando-pop newcomer Cai Huang Ru has been dubbed an "Otakus' Goddess" since the media caught on the online buzz surrounding her striking beauty spotted by netizens when she worked as a salesgirl of tofu dessert in Taipei (hence the nickname "douhua mei"). That paved the way for the Internet sensation to get onto the highway to showbiz fame via lots of television exposure and commercial endorsement jobs. Now a highly sought-after media darling, Cai Huang Ru is making her inevitable debut as a pop singer in June 2010. The first music release from her is this 4-track EP, which contains the songs "Lucky Goddess" (the Taiwan promotional song for Japanese animated film Summer Wars), "Little Tricks", as well as a couple of spoken messages from her.

Track List

03.小秘技(納豆情義相挺 現聲演出大魔王)

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