《Taiwanese Drama OST》Summer's Desire (2010)

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Popular Taiwan actress Barbie Hsu stars opposite two of the hottest guys on screen today, Huang Xiaoming and Peter Ho, in the breathtaking idol drama hit Summer's Desire. The FTV/GTV production marks Ho's first shot as a TV producer, and the plot revolves around Hsu's starlet Xiamo, whose heart is torn between showbiz enterprise heir Ou Chen (Ho) and sensitive superstar Luoxi (Huang). The three leads are also responsible for the songs featured in the drama. Produced by Yuan Wei Jen and Mo Fan, the Original Soundtrack CD includes Ho's opening theme "Remember Loved" (from Korean composer "Hitman" Bang and Taiwanese lyricist Vincent Fang) and Hsu's ending theme "Diamond" (written by Mavis Fan and the original novel's author Ming Xiaoxi). Other featured songs include Huang's "Black Cat and Milk", Ho's "Masked Face", Hsu's "Bubble Mermaid", and several instrumental tracks.

Track List
01. 我記得我愛過 - 鋼琴版 
02. 我記得我愛過 - 宿命版 - PETER 
03. 鑽石 - 大S 
04. 黑貓與牛奶 - 大S/沈建宏 
05. 泡沫美人魚 - 大S 
06. 假面 - PETER 
07. 黑貓與牛奶 - 黃曉明 
08. 我記得我愛過 - 輕快版 
09. 鑽石 - 鋼琴版 
10. 黑貓與牛奶 - 輕鬆版 
11. 泡沫美人魚 - 吉他版 
12. 假面 - 鋼琴版 
13. 就是愛 - 輕快版 
14. 我記得我愛過 - 悲傷版 
15. 鑽石 - 輕快版 
16. 黑貓與牛奶 - 孤獨版 
17. 泡沫美人魚 - 悲傷版 
18. 假面 - 抒情版 
19. 鑽石 - 悲傷版

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