[CBR/320kbps][2010-11-19] Gillian Chung - Move On... EP

Release Date: 2010-11-19
Language: Cantonese
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When Gillian Chung released her debut solo EP in March 2010, it was bundled with a Twins hits package like she wasn't really ready. The overwhelmingly positive response seems to have given her the confidence, though, and by November of the same year, her second solo EP Move On... can truly stand on its own. This time, Gillian has left decidedly more fingerprints over the creation of her new release, which includes the main plug "Lay Down the Past", a rock ballad she sings in a new vocal style with lyrics closely matching her experiences. Four other songs are featured on Gillian's latest, including the electronics chain store CM song "Riding on the Waves", and The Fantastic Water Babes movie theme song "All My Life", a duet with her co-star Alex Fong Lik Sun.

CD Track List

1. 浪花上的人 (中原電器廣告歌)
2. 放低過去
3. 你不會懂
4. 心靜自然強
5. 一生一世 (鍾欣桐 + 方力申)

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