Atari Kousuke Best Selection CD

Release Date: 2010-11-13
Language: Japanese, Mandarin

With a beautiful voice like a musical instrument, acclaimed Japanese singer Atari Kousuke has attracted a huge following in the Chinese-speaking regions, having performed numerous times in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and even starred in a couple of Taiwan films. He is regarded as one of the most influential foreign artists in China, and his latest career retrospective collection comes as an exclusive release for the Chinese market, including several songs chosen by his fans in the region.

Heading the 13-song selection is Atari's cover of Han Hong's Qingzang Gaoyuan (written and produced by Zhang Yadong) for which he sings in Mandarin for the first time. The track list also contains Japanese remakes of Chinese pop songs, including Eason Chan's "Today Next Year" (Hong Kong's pick), Jay Chou's "Sea of Flowers" (Taiwan's pick), Teresa Teng's "On One Side of the Water" (China's pick), Leehom Wang's "Sun and Moon in the Heart", and Michael Wong's "Fairy Tale".

Also found on the track list are Yasoukyoku ~nocturne~ (Track 7) which is composed by Singapore singer-songwriter YiDA Huang, the Cecilia Han duet Kioku ~Last Forever~ (Track 5), and the Sino-Japanese Friendship theme song Kotoba wa Iranai (Track 12), again co-sung with Han. Of course, the album wouldn't be complete without the Cape No. 7 theme song Nobara (Track 9), and Furusato (Track 13) which is featured in the film Taipei Exchanges. Some of Atari's own Japanese numbers are also thrown into the mix, like BLEACH's ending theme Tane wo Maku Hibi (Track 8), and his breakout hit Sorezore ni (Track 11) which Andy Lau remade into Cantonese for his 2006 album Voice.

重點推介國語演繹張亞東作品<青藏高原>及與韓雪合唱之<記憶- Last Forever >

Track List

01. 青藏高原 (張亞東作曲作詞) (國語)
02. 花海 (原唱:周杰倫) >> Download
03. 明年今日 (原唱:陳奕迅)
04. 在水一方 (原唱:鄧麗君)
05. 記憶- Last Forever(feat.韓雪) (國語)
06. 心中的日月 (原唱:王力宏)
07. 夜想曲~nocturne
08. 耕種的日子
09. 野玫瑰
10. 童話 (原唱:光亮)
11. 各自遠颺
12. 言葉….(中孝介&韓雪合唱)
13. 故鄉

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