[M][CBR/320k] Della Ding Dang - Album "Fu Good" ( New + Best Selections)

Release date: 2010.07.09
Bit rate : CBR/ 320kbps

After three albums, Mando-pop singer Della Ding looks to be securely on her way to superstardom, and in 2010, the fourth year since her debut, she is releasing her first best-of collection. Produced by Mayday's Ashin, Paula Ma, Adia, and Andrew Chu, the 2-CD set Fu Good features 10 of Della's biggest hits, like her breakout song "OK Not OK", idol drama Autumn's Concerto theme song "I Love Him", and the romantic ballad "Fireworks" (duet with Ashin). Then, as a showcase for her beautiful voice, there is also a disc of 10 classic songs Della chooses to cover, and those include Chao Chuan's "I'm a Small, Small Bird", David Tao's "Airport 10:30", and Huang Hsiao Hu's "Not Just Friends".

Track listing:

CD 1  
01. 我是一隻小小鳥 
02. 飛機場的10:30 
03. Kiss Goodbye 
04. 分手吧 
05. 洋蔥 
06. 漂洋過海來看你 
07. 不只是朋友 
08. Crazy In Love 
09. 大海 
10. I Always Love You 

CD 2
01. Fu Good 
02. 猜不透 
03. 我愛他 
04. 你為什麼說謊 
05. 可以不可以 
06. 我不怕 
07. 離家出走 
08. 明白 
09. 花火 
10. 我愛上的

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