[M] Hu Ge - Album "Blue Ray" (New + Best Selection)

Release: 02/07/2010

“Mainland Chinese actor/singer Hu Ge has starred in a string of hit TV dramas. Riding on his screen popularity, Hu’s singing career took off in 2004 with his Chinese Paladin song “Rainy June”. A debut EP, a full-length album and some drama theme song singles later, the heartthrob from Shanghai is bringing fans a greatest-hits album called Blue Ray with new and unreleased songs. The 15-track collection features many of Hu’s hits, including “My Love For You Won’t Change” (Till Death Do Us Part), “Dark Cloud” (The Eagle Shooting Heroes), “Forget Time” (Chinese Paladin III), and “Tell Him I Love Her” (The Young Warrior). Three new songs are thrown into the package, among which is the title song “Blue Ray” which is described as a breakthrough for Hu’s vocal style, a rock ballad about the imaginary romance between the sea and the sky. Another new song called “Dare to Love or Not” is the theme song for the online game Fantasy Zhu Xian.”

Track List:
01. 藍光(new)
02. 敢不敢愛(new)(完美時空2D回合網游大作《夢幻誅仙》主題曲) (Fantasy Zhu Xian)
03. 有一種歌(new)
04. 傳聞
05. 遇到一個好人
06. 六月的雨(經典游戲改編巨作《仙劍奇俠傳》插曲) (Chinese Paladin)
07. 她的眼睛會下雨
08. 愛你不會變(都市愛情劇《別愛我》插曲) (Till Death Do Us Apart)
09. 一個人的海岸
10. 忘記時間﹙最強收視奇情浪漫武俠劇《仙劍奇俠傳三》片尾曲﹚(Chinese Paladin 3)
11. 騎單車的日子
12. 告訴他,我愛她(古裝大戲《少年楊家將》插曲) (The Young Warriors)
13. 烏雲然(金庸武俠大戲08《射雕英雄傳》片尾曲)(Legend of Condor Heroes)
14. 地與天
15. 去愛吧

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