[22.03.2010][CBR/320kbps][Mandarin] The Drifters - The Drifters Album

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The Drifters are a new Mando-pop group backed by Jay Chou. Darren and Yannick are both old acquaintances of the superstar, and they share the same education background in visual arts. Jay saw their similarities and got the idea to bring them together as a pop duo and groom them for their debut. Thus he gave them their group name as well as music and image direction. The Drifters will major in inspiring, uplifting music, and for their debut, Jay wrote them their first single "Miss You and I Write a Letter" with his lyricist Vincent Fang, which is a pop number with an Okinawa enka influence. Jay even led the shooting crew to Japan and directed the music video for this promising new act he champions.

Track List
01. 太陽升起
02. 說好的幸福呢
03. 曾經小太陽
04. 你是我的OK繃
05. 巴黎戀人
06. 爆炸頭星球
07. 讓一讓
08. 或許
09. 純愛
10. 地心引力
11. 想你就寫信

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