[01.06.2010][Album][CBR/320kbps] Richie Jen - Music Traveller

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After last year's R.S.V.P., Richie Jen is setting off again on his music road, this time as a singer-songwriter. He has been saying on record that he would focus on making music that expresses his views on life rather than merely entertains, and the popular singer/actor has selected 15 songs he has written and composed in the last 14 years for the compilation album Music Traveller. It serves as a summary of Richie Jen's creative output in music thus far, and each song on the album represents a facet of his inner world.

The major new song "Look at Me" (Track 1) is an infectious rock tune that encourages young people to work hard to realize their dreams. The other main cut is Richie's version of "Love Dodgeball" (Track 6), a song he originally wrote for singer Lee Wei of idol duo WeWe. The other 13 tracks are a selection of past hits voted by his fans, including the movie theme song (Track 5) to Elixir of Love.

This version comes with a Music Traveller Guitar Pick

Track List
01. 看我的
02. 賽跑
03. 還有我
04. 外婆橋
05. 花好月圓夜
06. 愛情躲避球
07. 少年遊
08. 老張的歌
09. 美麗的壞女人
10. 春天花會開
11. 你願意我願意
12. 珍惜
13. 心情車站
14. 這樣也好
15. 一個男人的眼淚

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