[CBR/320kbps] Roger Yang Pei An - CD "The Seeds of Hope"

Release Date: 2011-03-18
Pass: cafe

With his 2011 new album The Seeds of Hope, Roger Yang seeks to give listeners a powerful boost to the spirit! The Taiwan rock singer who made his debut in 2006 at the mellow age of 36 has crafted a collection of 10 new songs carrying positive messages and vibrant energy and will hopefully inspire more courage and confidence. For the first plug, he collaborates with popular band Chemical Monkey on the song "Phoenix Rising from the Flames". The album also include Roger's self-written "The End of the Rainbow" (the theme song of idol drama They Are Flying), Taiwan's pro baseball theme song "Dream Begins in the Heart", and the 2011 Chiayi City International Band Festival theme song "Just Want Your Control".

Track List

01. 夢想從心開始(中華職棒22年主題曲) 
02. 浴火鳳凰_楊培安/化學猴子(台視八點神斷狄仁傑主題曲) 
03. 月光  
04. 彩虹的盡頭(大陸康師傅綠茶2011廣告曲)(華視週五偶像劇飛行少年主題曲)  
05. I'm Fine  
06. 就是要你管(嘉義市2011國際管樂節主題曲)  
07. 愛的奇蹟  
08. 沒有不可能的事 
09. 感謝有你  
10. 希望的種子

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