《Taiwanese Drama OST》Gloomy Salad Days | 2010

Release Date:2010-11-25

Directed by Zero Chou (Drifting Flowers, Spider Lilies), PTS idol drama series Gloomy Salad Days gets its inspirations from the supernatural manga/anime title Hell Girl as well as real-life social issues concerning high school students. Centering on a lonely teenager and the Death Girl he falls for, the macabre drama stars Fahrenheit's Aaron Yan and Serena Fang (Drifting Flowers) with a huge supporting cast consisting of young idols and famous actors, including members from pop groups Lollipop, Choc7, AK, and Wu Hu Jiang. 

Similarly intriguing is the drama's Original Soundtrack album, which contains 5 songs in addition to 6 tracks from the music score courtesy of Golden Melody Award-nominated band We Save Strawberries' guitarist ARNY. Veteran ballad singer Wan Fang takes on gothic rock and performs the show's opening theme Gloomy Salad Days and ending theme "Du", both included on the album in their full versions. Also represented on the OST, Awaking's Jay Shih brings forth his self-written love theme "Cotton Cloud", AK's Andy Chen reveals his dark side on "Let Me Be Broken Here", and Serena Fang delivers her take on the infamous suicide-inducing song Gloomy Sunday.

Track List

01. 盛開的消沒的人群 
02. Gloomy Salad Days - 萬芳 
03. 遠遠地離開現在 
04. 棉花雲 - 是元介 
05. 全天下的白雲都從海裡浮起 
06. 花開不愁沒顏色 
07. 渡 - 萬芳 
08. 結果我們戒不掉直視太陽的毛病 
09. 就讓我碎在這裡 - 陳奕
10. 就在塵埃全數上昇的那個時
11. Gloomy Sunday - 房思瑜

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