Ariel Lin - Album "A Wonderful Journey" (21/08/2010)

Release Date: 2010-08-21 
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Taiwan idol drama star Ariel Lin officially jumped onto the music scene last year with her well-received debut album "Blissful Encounter", which yielded a string of chart-topping hits. Entitled A Wonderful Journey, her much anticipated second album is about to greet fans a year later. The album title expresses the idea that "every relationship is a wonderful journey", and in order to get a fresh and exotic feel she specially flew to London for the photo session. The first song coming off the album is called "Fall in Love When the Flower Blooms", which is a sweet pop number with a folk/country taste.

Track list:

01. 花一開就相愛吧
02. 你有我
03. 紙玫瑰
04. 美好的旅行
05. 百褶裙的夏天
06. 謝謝你
07. 忽然這一秒
08. 誰撿到我的夢
09. 天使經過身邊
10. 守護星

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