[CBR/320Kbps][M] Chyi Chin - Album "A Beautiful Mind" (2010.07.24)

♫ Track 3, 10 (New songs) 
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 Track 1-2, 4-11 

It's been eight years since his last album, and Chyi Chin finally makes his return to the Mando-pop scene in 2010 with his highly anticipated new album A Beautiful Mind. An audacious crossover of pop and classical music, the album's songs were performed and recorded live with the Beijing-based China Philharmonic Orchestra, which has garnered much international acclaim since its inception 10 years ago. Taking almost two years to complete under the supervision of producer Chung Hsing Min, the album offers two brand new songs ("Like Mad" and "Long Grudge Short Bitterness") in addition to nine classic covers. The veteran crooner's mellow vocals promise new life to the re-arranged classic love songs, among which is the main track "Incidentally", which is turned into a duet featuring the original's singer, Chelsia Chan.

Track List
01. 偶然
02. 城裡的月光
03. 像瘋了一樣
04. 張三的歌
05. 你的樣子
06. 離開我
07. 棋子
08. 不要告別
09. 我多麼羨慕你
10. 長恨苦短
11. 愛的箴言

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