[M][CBR/320k] Peter Ho - Album "Remember Loved" (29.6.2010)

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Peter Ho recently made his first attempt as a TV producer with his latest idol drama Summer's Desire, which co-stars Huang Xiaoming and Barbie Hsu. Not only that, the popular Taiwan actor/singer also performs the drama's theme song "Remember Loved" composed by Korean hitmaker "Hitman" Bang and written by Jay Chou's wordsmith Vincent Fang. The single is included in his upcoming album of the same name, released more than three years after his last album Wanna Tell You. The new album is the combined effort of a crew of producers and songwriters including Adia, Huang Kuo Lun, Mo Fan, Yuan Wei Jen, and Chris Yu, as well as cover photographer Leslie Kee.

Track List

01. 再愛我好嗎? 
02. 香水 
03. 我記得我愛過 (對峙版) 
04. 想像 
05. 戀愛電話 
06. 躲不了 
07. 一個人走 
08. 戀人唱的歌 
09. 故意不愛你 
10. 彩虹彎彎

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