[CBR/320Kbps][M] Danson Tang - Album "The First Second" (24.6.2010)

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Taiwan pop idol Danson Tang keeps the pace of an album every 17 months, and in June 2010 he releases his anticipated third album, which is called The First Second. This time, Danson intends to express his mind through his music, therefore he is actively involved in the production, and even contributes his self-written song "Gray Riverbank" among the album's 10 new songs of varied styles. Announcing his return in a bold manner, the dance song titled I'm Back and featuring Amber of Korean girl group f(x) on rap is chosen to be the first major plug of the album.

Track List

01. I'm Back (Rap feat. f(x)Amber)
02. 灰色河堤
03. 陪你
04. 放過你自己吧
05. Be with You
06. 不成文規定
07. 你那首歌
08. You Are the One
09. 淚偶
10. 開心對不對

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